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#BossLady Boost to Best

The #Bosslady Boost to Best is a handpicked collection of 11 online courses and success boosting products, valued at over R7,000,

Thanks to Foschini, who are 100% behind YOUR success,  we are able to offer you the #BossLady Boost to Best  at just R99 *gasps* (throughout Jan 2018! )

Can you say YES to SUCCESS!


We have identified specific courses and products that will give YOU 
a real Boost to Success

This success will show on your CV, in your work environment, 

in your personal life and on your bank balance!

Boost Me Now

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Value R7,000 - Only R99 all incl.

*Foschini sponsored special ends 4 Feb '18

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You will receive these 11 Courses and Tools
when you sign up for the Boost to Best!


Personal Branding Online Course - Red&Yellow School ​​​​

Learn how to successfully promote the most important brand of all: YOU

 You are your biggest asset, so you need to learn how to market your brand more effectively. This 4-module, self-study online course provides you with all the enlightenment your "You brand" needs. We'll show you how to portray your brand as the coolest kid on the block, successfully monitor your brand and positively influence prospective clients & employers. 


The Flow Experience - Experience 7 days of Flow

Feel ridiculously happy in just 7 days time ...

Experience the magic of living in flow with a 7-day email journey to guide you. Shift from constantly feeling busy, stressed and struggling, to feeling deeply at ease, ridiculously happy and full of life.


Write your Book with Sarah Bullen

Get your book started during this masterclass

Do you want to write a book? It could be non-fiction, memoir, workbook or an online course. Writing coach and agent, Sarah Bullen is going to give you the tools and steps to get your book started during this masterclass.

By the end of the 8 modules you will have an entire book thought-out and your first few chapters written!


Women and Leadership

Look inside yourself to identify, explore and develop your leadership strengths and skills.

Reinvent yourself and fast-track your career. Learn a new skill online at your convenience.

StudyMaster.net is part of the SCRS NetEducate Group and offer a wide range of professional and personal development courses as online learning to help you learn new skills that will benefit your career growth.


Develop a Wealth Mindset

An introduction to the thinking secrets that the world’s richest people use to easily attract wealth and abundance.

As a Personal Development Strategist, Gugu uses world-class coaching modalities and techniques that have been proven and globally practiced over the last 50 years.


Affirmations for Success!

Allow in all the success that you deserve!

You will receive a recorded and written list of the 101 Affirmations that Shannon Walbran uses for success in everyday life: finances, love, career, and health. 

Listen to this mp3 in a calm and meditative space to  allow in all the success you deserve! 

Worth R499, this meditation helps calm and energize you for life's big challenges!


Think, Move, Eat RIGHT

This course will drastically improve your life. All you need to do is take it one step at a time.    

From The Body Coach Club:

- You will learn 3 groups of new behaviours that will become new habits.

- Understanding thought processes that influence our lives

- How to know when you can eat what your body needs

- You can walk, sit and move comfortably in special ways that burn more calories than an hour workout at a gym

And so much more


Workplace Skills

This course has been designed to provide you with the skills that will make you more marketable in the workplace. 

At school you learn many skills that are vital to your success in the workplace.  However, very often the important workplace skills are not taught and without these many problems can be present.  Employers often look for proof of these skills as they affect the work environment.   

With the right attitude and the right skills, success is just around the corner!


Mind, Body & Soul Confidence Guided Visualization Bundle 


From Conscious Confidence ~

Make elevating your confidence in a holistic way a part of your daily practice with these three guided visualizations. 

Take your mind, body & soul confidence to new heights.


How to find direction and purpose in your life 

Tired of the same old same old? Feel like time is flying by and you’re not going anywhere fast?

•Want to feel you are living more of a life of purpose?

•Where you have a sense of direction?

•Know where you want to go and take steps towards that?

•Where you live intentionally?

•Starting each morning with enthusiasm for the day?

Inner Coaching's 3 week course  will help you get an exciting sense of direction for your life. 


Facebook Marketing 101 

If you are not using social media, most especially Facebook, to market your brand you are not tapping into the most powerful marketing tool available for #BossLadies entrepreneurs and businesses.

The ultimate collection of TWENTY Facebook Marketing "HOW TO" Training Videos. With detailed walkthroughs from designing your logo through to creating videos and driving traffic through facebook marketing. 

NOW ... you may be thinking, 'SHO! That's a LOT of studying to get through! How does it all work? When will I have time to do ALL this?'

  • The great news is that each of the awesome boosts are self-paced, so you get to fit them in when it suits YOU
  • They are all short courses, between 1 - 4 weeks each, so they won't take up all your time.
  • You can cram them all into 1 month, or stretch them out over the next 10 months.
  • If there is a course that does not appeal to you, you can give that unique voucher code to a friend (sharing is always caring!)
  • Plus! We have created a private Facebook Group for all the Boost to Best BossLadies to support each other through the journey!

Get Your Boost Now!

Value R7,000 - Only R99 all incl.

*Foschini sponsored special ends 4 Feb '18

Secure Payment

What Some of our Boost to Best
#BossLadies are saying


"I have a lot of respect for the #Bossladies and the work that they do. I am looking forward to working through these great #BossLady Boost to Best courses, I’m so looking forward to the Flow Experience course, especially because I am keen to change my daily routine of always being in a rush to get things done. The Boost to Best is a no brainer"

Matona Ntshona Sakupwanya 

Matona Ntshona Sakupwanya, Head of Marketing & Comm Innovation Hub

I quit my job because of lack of recognition and everything else Zamathango Thango, mentioned in one of your videos, and i was going almost 10yrs into that company until my unborn baby said "momma, its enough, we dying,here" then i realised, my job is killing me, slowly!.

Years of rejected job applications i got while i was still working, led me to finally opening my own events business after i left my job which i was scared to do for a long time because of the unknown, but now......

The air in the morning has never felt so crisp everyday! I feel myself breathing hope and possibilities.

So thank you Boss Ladies,i feel that your courses are about to unleash a beast in me that has been lying dormant for so long and this beast will conquer the world and claim her own...CANT WAIT!!

Sorry for the long intro, i should have just said "My name is Vee and i have been sober for a year" 

Vee N.

Merle F.

I'm all about people and planet. I feel like I have entrepreneurship and creative skills and talents that I would like to tap into and constantly like to engage in peer learning during my professional journey. First, a big thank you for an amazing intro to all of these courses. I'm just going to start from the top!

Maria H.

"I have worked with the #Bossladies and I love the work that they do in empowering women from all walks of life. I am so excited to start my #BossLady Boost to Best, especially the Personal Branding Course. I am confident that this course will help me positively influence prospective clients for the betterment of my business, and re-affirm the brand that is “Nthabeleng Nhlapo” 


Get Your Boost Now!

Value R7,000 - Today Only R99 all incl.

*Foschini sponsored special ends 4 Feb '18

Secure Payment